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Went to your show in Bridgeport, Ct. last night (June 2nd). You guys were great, not only for the memorable songs, but for your obvious love of rock and roll and it's roots. I grew up on Long Island and use to hang out at a place called the Chop House in Garden City South. Jay Traynor would occasionally show up and have a few rounds with the crowd. Thanks for the music, good luck and health, and long live rock and roll.    Francis Zaino

Just wanted to take a minute to tell you what a tremendous success the concert was this past Saturday evening May 5th.    Jay and the Americans were outstanding and what a class act of guys. A real pleasure. Everyone has nothing but great things to say about it all day Sunday and today. It was a tremendous success for our library event. Thank you again.
Chuck Banas


Hi guys,
You were great last night March 2! I have seen the Buckinghams, Gary Puckett and Peter Noone in the last couple of months and you guys were way up there as far as entertainment. Peter Noone is my favorite, but now that I have met Howie I have changed my mind! Also, I can't see Peter Noone holding Jay's note for Cara Mia! He sounded awesome with a cold yet! I am looking forward to you coming back to Rams Head again-its the best place to see a show. Especially front and center with my knees touching the stage. Tell Howie I am sorry for distracting him, but I couldn't help it-he is adorable!
Enjoy the rest of the tour-be safe and keep on keeping on! You guys sound great!
Love ya!
Marcy Clemente

 I saw your show in Schenectady, N.Y. on the 22nd. And I was so amazed. I have always loved Jay Blacks voice, and seen him in person a couple of years ago at Proctors. At first that was who I thought was going to be in Schenectady last weekend. The new guy has a range just as high as Jay's and he sounds like the original. If you closed your eyes you would think it was the original band from the 60's. I thought you were great and would love to attend another show of yours again. It was very entertaining and I loved it. My two favorite songs are This Magic Moment and Sunday and Me. Thanks for singing them.

 A fan, Bonnie

We saw you guys in Morganton, NC last night Oct. 8, 2011 and we just want to thank you from the bottoms of our hearts for putting on such a magnificent show. We weren't sure what to expect before the show but left simply blown away by what we saw. Not only is Jay III tremendously talented, the rest of the group is as well. We had no idea each of you was such a good singer. We sat on the front row and got the best view of the whole show. We really enjoyed the chance to meet all of you after the show, too. To Jay, III, I was the one who told you anyone who could sound like Jay Black and Roy Orbison had to have a fantastic voice. Again, thank you all for a great evening of entertainment. We promise if you guys ever come back to Morganton, NC, we will be right there to support you. And most of all, thank you for keeping the music alive!

Larry and Tracy Brooks



 Just saw their show in Charleston, WV, and it was FABULOUS!!

Linda Woodford

Just caught the show at the AK-Chin Casino. Fabulous! Jay has the gift of being a power singer much like an opera singer. He can sure belt it out. The entire group is talented and well worth seeing many times over.

Chandler, Arizona

Saw both shows at Ak-chin on 9/28/11, you guys are just terrific. Especially loved all the oldies humor, keep up the good work. From a fellow Brooklynite.

Glendale, Arizona

WOW! Your show(s) at Harrah's Ak-Chin on 9/28 were fantastic! Its great to be able to see 3 original members of such a prestigious vocal group back together and sounding so good. And Jay #3 is nothing short of amazing as he belts out Cara Mia and This Magic Moment, to name a few. We will certainly make every effort to see you again.. Thanks for a great show!

Vail, Arizona

››My husband, Nick and I saw you at the Iowa State Fair On Thursday evening on August 11, 2011. I want you to know this was an evening of great music, fun, and great looking guys. You all were fabulous & we both loved the show. Love you music & always will. Hope you come back to Iowa to see us soon. Would sure look forward to it. Jay III the best Jay. Love all of you. You stay out of trouble girl magnet. Love it. God Bless you all.

Des Moines, Iowa

›››My girlfriend and I watched Jay and the Americans perform at the Iowa state fair Sat. 8/13/2011, What a great singing group, Jay III is a amazing singer, I loved him singing Cara Mia, Can't wait to watch them again....

Eolo Nizzi
Des Moines, Iowa

›››I saw two performances of Jay and the Americans at the Iowa State Fair. Have been a fan since the late 60's. Jay III is the best!!!

Carma Armstrong
Indianola, Iowa

›››Saw you last night at the Iowa State Fair it was the first time and what a great concert. Wished you would come back to the Surf in Clear Lake for the Buddy Holly reunion. Thanks for a great concert.

Linda Moritz
Edgewood, Iowa

›››Enjoyed watching one of my all time favorite groups at the Iowa State Fair.

Bob Martin
Columbus Junction, Iowa

›››Just left the Iowa State Fair. I took in your show for the second straight day and was totally blown away. You guys bring back some great memories. Thanks! I be back to see you again tomorrow.

Lennie Overton
Des Moines, Iowa

›››Just saw you on Thursday night at the Iowa State Fair. You guys are as awesome as ever! Loved the music. As sweet today as it ever was! Awesome!

Pattie Davis
Fredericksburg, Iowa

›››We say you July 23 at the Virginia Highlands festival you were awesome. Looks change but people are still the same. This Magic Moment is my husband’s and my favorite song in the whole world. Hope you can come close to us again so we can see you guys again Thanks for a great evening.

Tonia Ferguson
Jonesborough, Tennessee

›››hey! caught u guys in Abington, Va. 7-23-11.. loved u guys!!! don't ever quit!!! please put out new albums!!! jay #3 is great!!!!!

Bristol, Tennessee

›››Saw you 7-9-2011 the Doo-Wop Concert in Birmingham, Alabama - I was front row center. You were fabulous! I thoroughly enjoyed hearing you perform live. This is the first time I have heard or seen Jay 3. He is GREAT! I'm going to pray for him to find his own signature song for J&A's. He does a tremendous job with the original J&A songs, especially Cara Mia - my favorite, but he is so talented, I know he can find a song, rewrite one, or write one that will be his very own. The group and the fan base are so fortunate you found him. Sandy, you really have an eye for talent. Not only do I enjoy your music but you are good guys and exemplify what it means to be a true American. You are a genuine representation of the name of your group. Jay fits in perfectly with that reputation. Looking forward to the next time I can see you in person. Take care and God bless.

Sue Daniel
North, Opelika, Alabama

›››I was at the show at Cooper River last night and we were all blown away with the show. You guys still sound amazing!!!! I am 63 so I've been listening to you from the beginning. Better than ever. I was also glad you mentioned Kenny. We go to see him every chance we get, and he always mentions Jay and the Americans. Jay #3,great voice and the songs sound the same. I've been to many oldies shows when a group has a different lead singer for one reason or another. They usually do NOT sound the same.You did! See you November 19th at the Scottish Rite Auditorium.

Lynn Jensen
Pennsauken, New Jersey

›››Jay & the Americans was my favorite group growing up. I didn't think that anyone could have the same voice as Jay Black. But I thought close enough was good enough and went to the concert in Pennsauken NJ. But WOW, I felt like I was in a 1965 concert with Jay Black. I hope to see them again in Collingswood NJ, and might even drive 2 hours to North Jersey to see you there too.

Bob Sponaugle
Atco, New Jersey

›››Saw the show in Pennsauken, NJ tonight.....It was FABULOUS!!!! Guys looked great the new (3rd) Jay has such a great voice...loved it...Hope to see them in NJ in November...

Lynette Poulton
Runnemede, New Jersey

›››Saw your show at Cooper River Park in Pennsauken, NJ on 7/02/11. It was a great show filled with a lot of personal favorites. Thank you bringing back fond memories and a great sound.

Bill Chester
Pennsauken, New Jersey

›››Saw you tonight at Cooper River, Pennsauken. Jay's voice is impressive.

Betsy King-Maya
Pennsauken, New Jersey

›››A wonderful show at the Circle Square Cultural Center in Ocala, FL(4/23/2011). An iconic sound!!! You blew the roof off the theatre!!! Thank you for the great memories.

Jim Liversidge
Ocala, Florida

›››Just attended your show at OTOW Circle Square Cultural Center. You guys ROCK! Loved the whole show and will enjoy the two CDs we purchased.

Donnamarie & Patrick Castellano-Frechette
Ocala Florida

›››Great Show Tonight in Ocala Florida. You guys did well from a Bronx Girl who worked in New York and always enjoyed all your music. Take Care.

Caroline Caprano
Ocala, Florida

›››Great show, best we've seen in a long time. Hope you come back to Ocala again.

Angie Hook
Ocala, Florida

›››Just saw your performance at Little River Casino in Manistee, MI. UNBELIEVABLE!! You guys haven't lost a beat. Could have listened for hours. Please come back soon.

Jim Herrick
Grand Rapids, MI



›››Not the first time I've seen you guys, but tonight you sounded better than ever. Beautiful job at the 8pm Solivita show. Hope you come back.

Kerry Hrabstock
Poinciana, Florida

›››My wife & I just left a concert at Solivita in Poinciana, FL. They are as great as ever! We felt like teenagers. Awesome. JayIII is just as good as the original. Thanks for a great evening.

John Byers
Poinciana, Florida

›››Just saw the show at our Solivita Community in Poinciana (part Of Kissimmee), FL. FANTASTIC SHOW! It was so good it seemed to go by so fast. We could have enjoyed it all night. Thanks for a memorable concert

John & Chris Robinson
Poinciana, Florida

›››Just watched the early show at Solivita (Social Club) and was blown away. They don't make music like that anymore. What an outstanding show. Wanted to stay to meet the guys and buy a CD but will have to be content to buy one off your website since I still work and have to get up really early.

We've lived at Solivita for 8 years and feel really blessed that we can see great shows that get brought to our active adult community.

We both always loved Jay and the Americans and were so glad when we found out they were coming - we were certainly not disappointed. I may not be able to get to sleep with all those songs going through my head!!

Thanks, Guys, for such a great show. We're actually from the South, but we can appreciate 3 guys from NY and one from Chicago! The band was fantastic! Kudos again!

Peggy and Bill Greenwood

›››I was at the show in Ferndale, Wash on Saturday, Jan. 22 and it was absolutely amazing!! I couldn't get enough. They were fantastic and I could have listened to them all night. I really hope they come to Vancouver, BC some time because I wouldn't miss it. Thank you so much for the wonderful evening.

Mandy Crump
Maple Ridge, British Columbia

›››Saw Jay and the Americans January 22 2011 in Ferndale Washington....excellent show...very enjoyable and very entertaining. Wish they would come to Vancouver British Columbia Canada

Judy Moore
Coquitlam, British Columbia

›››I took my wife to your show at the Silver Reef Casino in Ferndale, Wa. It was her 66th birthday, and to tell you the truth, she wasn't real thrilled to be there. But when the show started, and all of the wonderful music, and the great background stories started, she was really, really happy. The show was entertaining, informative and great in a small venue. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves during the entire show. Jay 3 has a magnificent voice and his rendition of Cara Mia was spectacular. Also his Roy Orbison and Elvis songs were truly outstanding. Great job, guys, you made my wife's birthday one to remember! I thank you and she thanks you.

Rod Davidson
Camano Island, Washington

›››Had the extreme pleasure of seeing Jay and the Americans last night at Silver Reef Casino Hotel in Washington State. The show was amazing but the biggest thrill for my friend and I was to sit beside them at supper and actually get to talk to them as we were leaving and express to them what a wonderful show they put on for an audience full of both Canadian and US fans. Thanks for the memories and I was so impressed by all the group and their band - especially Jay and Sandy. Truly nice gentlemen.

Debbie Humphries
Chilliwack, British Columbia

›››Ulster County Fair - New Paltz, NY When I heard you guys and Jay III sing - I got all "goose bumpy" - the same wonderful sound I remember from the 60's. Awesome show, guys - thanks a bunch and a real treat to meet all of you!!

Maggie G
Poughkeepsie, New York

›››I was truly overwhelmed. We just saw your show at the Ulster County Fair in New York on August 8th. Have always wanted to hear those songs in person since I was a teenager. Yes, we are your age. The years have done nothing to dull the magic of hearing those wonderful songs live. We were absolutely thrilled with a thoroughly professional yet personable performance. There is something special about "small venue" concerts. We also enjoyed hearing the background of the songs. It made them that much more meaningful. Jay 3 has a fantastic voice and the similarities to the original recordings are incredible. As in most things however, the sum of the parts is greater than any one piece. The harmony of the whole group is what makes Jay and the Americans great and an icon in Rock & Roll music. Thank you for a wonderful step back in time.

Henry & Linda
Highland, New York

›››Saw Jay and The Americans at the Ulster County Fair show, both shows..made me think I was a teenager again.

Jerry Schwab
Schenectady, New York

›››Wonderful concert at Ulster County Fair! Please come back!

J & B, Freer
Gardiner, New York  

›››Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful as a famous band leader once said. The whole show brought back memories of my younger years. I grew up listening to you on the radio. Glad you came to the LaPorte County Fair and I'm hoping you'll make a return engagement sometime in the not to distant future.

Gordon Weidner
Laporte, Indiana

›››I wish to thank you and everyone else connected for bringing Jay and the Americans to our LaPorte County Fair on July 23, 2010. The show was fantastic. It brought back so many gold memories from my younger years. I grew up listening to Jay and the Americans as a teenager back in Wisconsin. I sincerely hope you will consider a return engagement sometime in the future. Keep on singing for many years to come.

With Great Appreciation,

Gordon & Kyle Ann Weidner
LaPorte, Indiana


Mary  Vanschoyck
Rolling Prairie, Indiana

›››Loved you at the LaPorte County fair,  you guys rock!

Patricia Steele
Trail Creek, Indiana

›››Seen you guys at the Laporte County Fair and the show was really awesome. The 3rd Jay sounded very very good as did all the harmonies, love the music and the songs, keep playing on

Greg Ostroski
LaPorte, Indiana

›››Caught you guys at the feast of St. Ann's. It really took me back, and brought much joy for me. I was able to take my son, who now is hooked too. Thanks again for a great concert, and a wonderful trip down memory lane!

Linda Rillotta
North Bergen, New Jersey

›››You Guys are spectacular! We saw you @ the St. Ann's Feast, Hoboken, N.J.& we enjoyed your performance. You brought Bob back to his teen years. Jay III has a "Incredible" voice & the the Americans are still as talented as ever. ROCK_ON!! Thank you. God Bless You.

Maryann, Mike, & Bob Gorman
West New York, New Jersey

›››Just saw Jay and the Americans' in Ocean City, NJ on Monday 7/19/10.  I thought I would be disappointed that there was no Jay Black, but I was so overwhelmed, Jay 3 nailed it, I would never have known that he wasn't Jay Black.  The concert was fun and the music wonderful.  They gave us fun insights and they were incredibly entertaining.  I have wanted to see them since I first heard "Only in America" was I was 10 years old.  I was not disappointed.  And the best part was meeting them after the show and getting the shake hands with a band I never thought I would meet personally.  Anyone who loves there music should check it out, they won't be disappointed.  They ended the show with "this magic moment and then back in toe Cara Mia.  It was phenomenal!

Edith Maul
Galloway, New Jersey

›››Words can hardly express how much Audrey and I enjoyed your performance at Lurman Woodland Theater in Catonsville, MD on Saturday 7/17/10.  We got there about 2 hours early, just to get a front row seat and we got to watch the sound check (that’s pretty entertaining, for some of us). Sorry it was such a hot and humid day, but you guys didn’t show much discomfort.  We talked with Jay afterwards, and Merle said that maybe you guys, would return to Annapolis (Rams Head) next year.  That would be so great.  That would make 4 times we’ve gone to your shows.  Guess we’re groupies.,, Best regards,,,

Will Farmer
Annapolis, Maryland

›››These guys really know how to entertain.  Got there early.  Got to hear rehearsal, great show.  Can't wait when they come back to area.  Will bring everyone I know to hear how true to the originals they sound.  Daughter's name is Kara.  Loved Cara Mia.

Rob Fisk
Baltimore, Maryland

›››I am a real Jay Black fan and have gone to New York through blizzard conditions to see him, and was really skeptical when you all got back together with Jay 3. U-tube does not do you justice.  I saw you all at the Lurman outdoor Theatre in Catonsville, Maryland on July 17th and have to admit I thoroughly enjoyed the show.  It was good to hear a lot of the songs that Jay 2 don't sing anymore and to hear a lot of different ones, too.  You are all a talented group and I wish you well. (It's not every venue that the band gets entertained, too, by the resident dancer!)

Mary Franklin
Stevensville, Maryland

›››Just got home from seeing you perform in Ocean City, NJ and was blown away by the performance.  Great Job!!  Purchased both CD's and listened to them on the drive home tonight.  Thanks for the music!!!

Steve Elwell
Salem, New Jersey

›››Saw you guys in Catonsville, MD tonight and you totally blew me away.  Jay #3 was fantastic.  When he sang Cara Mia it gave me chills.  Bravo to you guys, I have been a fan from your start, and you are better than ever

Ed Lurz
Baltimore, Maryland

›››I have always been a fan of Jay & The Americans, since day one they were one of my favorite groups. Then something took place, I got the job as the road manager/bodyguard for Jackie "Mr. Excitement" Wilson and got the great opportunity to meet the present three "original" members of Jay & The Americans; Sandy Yaguda; Howie Kirschenbaum and Marty Kupersmith while on the road with Jackie., Over the years a lot has taken place for all of us, but one thing for sure! ,Jay & The Americans are truly back, and I really hope that those that have the great opportunity to catch them performing live...will do so! You will not be sorry, when you catch the "originals" with the great "original" sound that sold over 200 million records worldwide!, As both a fan and a close friend, this group will have you standing and yelling for more great sounds from one of the greatest vocal groups to come of the 1960's era...including those four guys from Liverpool who are sometimes called "The Fab Four".,, Catch Jay & The Americans today, once again a great group of talented singers...besides their mothers would love to have you come see their boys make you happy for a few hours!

Billy Wolfe
Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania  



›››Saw your show at BB Kings on Fri 3/5/10.  You guys were absolutely fantastic.  The show was nostalgic and exciting.  I loved the story of your lives and most of all loved your singing.  Fabulous.....

New York, New York

›››I absolutely loved your show!!  Loved your music back in the 60's and still love it today!!

Marina  Husler
Edmonton, Alberta

›››The show in Edmonton on Feb 21 was one of the best shows I have ever seen. Thoroughly enjoyed the whole show

Sheri  MacMillan
Edmonton , Alberta

›››Saw the guys for the 3rd time at the Century Casino in Edmonton...terrific show...Jay, powerful and clear as ever...talked to Howie and the guys after the show...Keep up the touring and hurry back to Western Canada! 

Jack Little
Edmonton, Alberta

›››Saw your show at Century Casino Feb.21-10 it was awesome loved the trip down memory lane any time you come back we will be there. Thanks for the memories.

Jerry Pot
St .Albert, Alberta, Canada

›››My friend and I saw your show in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan on February 19th. We were so very impressed with your voices, harmonies and the selection of songs that were performed! Great job!

Elaine Gill
Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan Canada

›››My wife and I had the pleasure of listening to you guys for the 2nd time.  The music is still the best and it is a pleasure to listen to a group that cares so much about presentation.  The best part is feeling young again.  Not that we are old.  Bravo, Kudos

John Stirton
Moose Jaw, SK Canada

›››Saw you in Regina last night. Enjoyed your show very much-also how you go through the story of your music career. Keep up the good work!!!

Regina, Canada

›››Enjoyed your performance at the Century Casino in Edmonton, Alberta tonight for the third time. It was great, Thanks Janet

Janet Lammie
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

›››My parents arranged for my two brothers and my sister and their spouses to your show tonight in Edmonton. I must say you guys were most entertaining and are brilliant singers. We had a fabulous night and am so thankful we went. You brought back so many memories and great songs I haven't heard in years! Keep up the great work! Thank you :) PS we bought your CDs but it also made me want to run out tomorrow and buy Roy Orbison...good stuff!

Christine McTeague
Sherwood Park, Alberta Canada

›››Saw the show in Greensburg, Loved it. We are loyal oldies fans and you guys are one of the best.  Keep it up and come back to Greensburg.

Linda Beck
Washington, PA

›››We drove from Indianapolis to Greensburg, PA, for your concert at the Palace Theater on Valentine's Day.  I can't even begin to tell you what an experience it was!  Jay #3 still makes me feel the way I did when I first heard "She Cried". We will be going to another one of your concerts sooooooon! Love you guys!

Mary Ann Wethington
Shelbyville, Indiana

›››Thank you very talented gentlemen for a wonderful concert on Valentine's Day in Greensburg (PA) Palace Theater. It was well worth driving 150 miles to spend the evening listening to  your music and watching your performance. One of the best "oldies" group performances ever!!!

Jane Evanovich
Ravenna, Ohio

›››Wife and I saw your show at the Palace Theatre in Greensburg, PA.  What a thrill.  Cara Mia was great performed by Jay #3. Had a chance to meet all the guys after the show.  Thanks for a wonderful evening.

John Sefchik
Scottdale, Pennsylvania

›››Attended show at the Palace Theatre great show keep it going the best

Armando Camboni
New Alexandria, Pennsylvania

›››The show last night in Greensburg was awesome!  You guys get better and better.  And you are always gracious when speaking with your fans.  Thanks and safe travels.

Lynda Grand
Greensburg, Pennsylvania

›››Is there anyway we could have Jay and The Americans out here in Napa Valley on a full time basis? I took a couple of girlfriends to their show at the Lincoln Theater here in the valley Friday Sept 18, 2009. Talk about never wanting the night to end, we were simply memorized while we were taken back in time. That's where I say..... Ahhhhhhhh "This Magic Moment" !!! I don't think we have stopped smiling since! We even HAD to purchase 3 CD's to take home with each of us to ensure the evening with Jay and The Americans would continue on our way home, over the weekend, over the weeks and months until they come back to Napa. Please, please, please tell me they are coming back??? Forget the hotels, they can stay at my house! Oh and could they please bring their keyboard player!!! Very Respectfully,

Anna M Graeber
Napa Valley, California

›››Saw your show last night in Laughlin, NV. All I can say is WOW!!! I've been a JATA fan for more than 40 years, and Last night was a total thrill. Music was just like I remember, and Jay #3 was spot on. We listened to your CDs all the way home. Thanks for a great time. Hope you can keep going for many more years.

Gil Terzo
Henderson, Nevada

›››Saw your show last night at the Tropicana in Laughlin. One of the best shows I have seen in Laughlin. Can't wait until you come again to Laughlin

Karen Pollett
Mohave Valley, Arizona

›››Just saw the show at Lincoln Theater in Yountville Napa Valley California. Well done, Fantastic ! Brought me right back to the time ! Keep up touring and telling the story. A wonderful bit of history. Great Band too ! Absolutely Fabulous !Thank You

Chuck Parker
Rutherford, California

›››"Only in America" could you guys come back after 35 years, every bit as good as you were when I used to see you live back in the '60s and '70s. My wife and I caught your show at Msgr. Farrell back in April and, while I knew exactly what to expect from a JATA performance, it was her first such experience; suffice it to say that you've made another loyal fan. We're both looking forward to your November "Homecoming" show in Brooklyn, which I understand is your first hometown gig since 1973 and your first at OLG since June '64 (it's been way too long, fellas - and we missed you). God bless and best wishes for many more years of great music!

Steve DeRosa
Staten Island, New York

›››I know this is somewhat after the fact, however we felt the need to provide some feedback. We live in Wisconsin and saw Jay and the Americans at an event in St. Germaine, Wisconsin called Pig ‘N the Pines. What an absolutely fantastic show. And based on the size of the crowd and the enthusiasm of the crowd, many other people thoroughly enjoyed the show. One of the things we found most interesting was the way the group wove their history into the fabric of the show. Although we do just enjoy listening to their great music, the historical information and the way it was presented, lifted it to an entirely different level. For my wife and myself, it was a totally enjoyable evening and one we will not forget. Plus, when we hear a Jay and the Americans song on the radio, it gets us into a conversation reminiscing about that evening.

Ron Sasek
Lac Du Flambeau, Wisconsin

›››The four (4) hour trip was absolutely worth it!!! My son and I attended your concert at 2009 Grange Fair in Centre Hall, PA and purely loved it!!! Much better than we thought!!! Show was truly awesome!!! Their vocals were dead on to what I remember!!! Reminiscent of the past! I love Cara Mia and my son likes Sunday & Me. We also enjoyed the historical summary of J&A's bibliography mixed the witty satire and sarcasm Jay, Marty, Sandy, & Howie play off each other!!! You are bound to get a few laughs too!!! Don't stop!

Karen Ballard
Binghamton, New York

›››Just saw you tonight at the Grange Fair.  Awesome show.  Your energy was amazing and the music was wonderful.  Jay III nailed Cara Mia!!!  Safe travels.  I hope to see your show again.

Lynda Grand
Howard, Pennsylvania

›››I saw your show tonight 9/2/2009 at the Grange Fair. I don't know when I have been so  moved and so thrilled to see such a performance.  You are really  sensational.  Besides being so talented and still singing as well as ever, you are so much fun to watch and listen to. When Jay (#3) sang Cara Mia......I got goose bumps and the tears rolled down my cheeks.  It was so  moving and sung so sweetly it touched me and for the moment I was so moved.  I hope I have the chance to see you  perform again.  Good Luck, stay well, Keep on singing we need it in our lives!!

Rose Ann Yannarella
Lock Haven, Pennsylvania

›››Jay #3 and the Americans were awesome at the Grange Fair in Centre Hall, PA. It was well worth coming the 60 miles to see them and freezing our butts off going home on the motorcycle at 11:00pm that night.

Dee Inlow
Clearfield, Pennsylvania

›››I wanted to get this out to the group before It slipped my mind.  I was fortunate enough to see the band perform last night, 2 Sept, at the Grange Fair and Encampment, here in central Pennsylvania.  It was indeed a memorable event.  An hour and a-half of non-stop nostalgia and quality music by a group of performers that, as anyone could tell that night, truly care about their audience and their craft.  Hope they enjoyed their night here in "Happy Valley" and I for one look forward to a repeat performance if they get a return engagement.  Best Wishes

Boyd Spicher

›››My wife and I saw you at CalExpo at the California State Fair and your show was awesome! Cara Mia, This Magic Moment, Come a little bit closer, Only in America, what a blast from the past! Thank you! And you guys were so friendly afterwards! The big gathering on stage for the finale, with Cannibal, Badfinger, Sonny Geraci, and Otis Day was so great, all of you singing "SHOUT:, you had everybody up on their feet clapping dancing and singing along! Thank you for a terrific evening of joyous music! You rock!

Joseph Morreale
Magalia, California

›››We saw the group in St. Germain, WI last night at the 5th Annual "Pig in the Pines".  They were great - brought back many memories of the late 60's and 70's.  I can't wait to get their CD!

Jean Lamers
Eagle River, Wisconsin

›››My wife and I and several friends saw your show last night at the Pig in the Pines Ribfest.  We were expecting "45 minutes and gone".  Much to our surprise and total enjoyment you treated us to a full hour and a half terrific show.  Your music brings back many great memories and Cara Mia is one of my top five favorite songs ever.  Today I can't get it out of my head!  Keep entertaining - my generation loves it- Class of '64.

Don Baker
Rhinelander, Wisconsin

›››Saw your show in St. Germain, WI...BEST show we have seen in years.  You guys haven't lost it and absolutely love Jay #3.  I sure hope you will plan another trip to the "Pigs in the Pines".  Thanks so much for an incredible night of music.

James  Schuppel
Park Falls, Wisconsin

›››My husband and I saw you at the Cobleskill fair.  You were fantastic.

Connie  Nolly
Fort Plain, New York

›››Saw the group in N. Wi on 7/30. What a fantastic show! These guys have found the Fountain of Youth! Perfect harmonies..Jay nailed every note..great showmanship..very professional..loved the history of the group between songs..these guys love what they do because their concert is filled with love of the music.

Patti Nick
Minocqua, Wisconsin

›››Saw the concert last night (August 1) at Schoharie County Fair. absolutely fabulous ! 1 hour and 45 minutes of song. Please come back to the Capital District!

Mark Probst
Albany , New York

›››Enjoyed your concert last night (8/1/09) at the Schoharie County fair--It was awesome--you still have great voices and the harmony was right on! Very memorable!!!

Dolgeville,  New York

›››Good for you all. . . great music. . . sung & played by folks who just love making music...good luck and much success!!!

Steve Cupp
Garden City, Michigan

›››Just seen your fantastic show at the Arcadia Theater in Windber, Pa. Your lead singer was just fantastic, love his Roy Orbison songs ,just like the original edition, all of you guys were gggggrrreeeeaaaatttt never stop singing

Bob Smith
Windber, Pennsylvania

›››What an OUTSTANDING performance at the Arcadia Theater in Windber, PA!

Delores, Shaulis
Windber, Pennsylvania

›››Minneapolis loves Jay and The Americans! Great guys and pretty good music. look forward to your return to minni!!

Wayne Plehal
Minneapolis, Minnesota

›››I went and saw you guys last night in Bensenville Illinois. My sisters and friend thoroughly enjoyed the show. I really think you guys should look into doing more in our area. I don't see you guys playing anywhere else in Illinois. You really bring so much joy to so many people when you play. I am at work today and still singing all the songs. I am so impressed with the energy you still have. I wish I had that much energy. I also want to say that Howie is not the only one that is the chick magnet. You all were. Thank you so much for the wondering evening. Please keep on singing and come back to Illinois real soon. I will be there.

Sue, Hamilton
Lombard, Illinois

›››I just saw the Paramus show at the Band shell with my wife and daughter and we really enjoyed it. A lot of the hits on a perfect night. Thanks for coming to Paramus and we hope to see you again. A great night.

Tom Greff
Paramus, New Jersey

›››Saw Jay and the Americans in Irvington New York. WOW! What a performance. Was a little apprehensive being this was the first time seeing Jay Reincke and let me tell you, he was the charm. My friends and I were flipping! The Americans never lost a beat and how great the audience responded. Hats off to you guys. It's a BIG thumbs up from all us guys.

Oakland Gardens, New York

›››I was at your concert this evening in Irvington NY.  I traveled from outside of Charlottesville, Virginia specifically to come to your concert this evening.  It was well worth the train trip up there.  I remember listening your records as I grew up in the sixties.  Keep performing and singing all of your great hits.

Mary Bright
Palmyra, Virginia

›››We just came home from your show in Irvington. Thank you for a fabulous evening! You gave us two hours of happiness, away from the stress of the economy and the worlds events that surround us each day. Please come back again!

Laura Shahinian & Gary Turco
Ossining, New York

›››Wonderful show in Irvington. The audience enjoyed it tremendously. Everyone was in excellent voice!!!

Andrew Engel
Westchester, New York

›››My Best to all of you GREAT CONCERT, Saturday night at the Strand Theater in Lakewood, NJ. It was like going back in time.

Gerie Galante
Lakewood, New Jersey

›››We saw your show in Lakewood, NJ and wanted to say that Jay #3 has a fantastic voice. Whenever I hear Cara Mia it reminds me of a friend from high school, John D. Ossman USMC, who was killed in action in Vietnam. Cara Mia was John's favorite song and whenever I hear it I think of him. Jay#3 does the song justice. Thank you.

Charles Morris
Normandy Beach, New Jersey

›››I saw your show at the Strand in Lakewood NJ last night, 11/15...Frankly, you guys should have been the Headline act! OUTSTANDING! You guys still got "It".

Tom Murasky
Brick, New Jersey

›››Saw the show last night 11/15/08 at the Strand in Lakewood, NJ-EXCELLENT!EXCELLENT!

Arlene Mortimr
Jackson, New Jersey

›››I saw your show last night,(11-15-08)at the Strand Theater in Lakewood NJ. WOW - you were terrific. Your music brought back lots of memories and Jay 3 - Cara Mia was outstanding. Thank You.

Maria Buro
Brick, New Jersey

›››Loved the show last night in Lakewood. I loved Jay #3 and his voice is super. I also like you as a group keep the sound the same as you got older. Most groups change the songs and you didn’t and it was great. I think you should of been the main act. Thanks again

Tony DeBona
Brick, New Jersey

›››Saw your show at The Strand Theater in Lakewood, NJ yesterday, 11/5/08 - WOW!  My wife had seen you 2 months ago at Westlake Country Club in Jackson and raved about the show and got tickets for Lakewood.  You guys are awesome!  Listening to you perform, especially "Cara Mia", brought me back to my high school days in Queens, NY, hanging out at the candy store a block away from school.  Your group still has the magic, and Jay, you ARE great.  Thanks for a wonderful evening.  We'll be back for more.

Bill Zukowski
Jackson, New Jersey

›››Saw your show tonight(11/15/08) at the Strand in Lakewood, N.J. and it was the BEST. Jay #3 has a beautiful voice; actually you guys sound better now then you did 30-40 years ago. I can't wait until you come back to the area

Elayne Barbarotta
Toms River, New Jersey

›››Saw the group at the Stranahan in Toledo Ohio and what a phenomenal performance.  John R. can sing BETTER than either of the other Jays I do believe.  I was mesmerized by the singing.  Even after all of these years I felt like I was back in the 60's.  Don't ever quit doing what you do

Sheree Royster
Maumee, Ohio

›››We saw your show on oct.23 in Saskatoon. what a great show. everything about it was perfect. great stories. When you did Cara Mia it was like a religious experience... the whole place stood and clapped... thank you so much

Rick Searcy
Saskatchewan, Canada

›››Saw your show in Winnipeg! FANTASTIC! FANTASTIC! FANTASTIC!  Please come back to Winnipeg again. Love you of the best shows we've seen at the casino!!!!!! Kudos to your band as well; they did a phenomenal job of backing you  up.

Fans of yours from a long time ago; nothing beats the OLD MUSIC!  Jay and the Americans rock!!!

Dan McDonald
Winnipeg, Canada

›››My wife and I saw your show at the Century Casino in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada tonight.  It was a tremendous step back in time.  We have listened to your music for many years and this was the 1st time in person and you guys did not disappoint.

Chuck Ibey
Edmonton, Alberta / Canada

›››We just saw your show at Century Casino and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the trip down memory lane. We really appreciated the recant of the history of your march to success. keep up the good work and we hope to see you again. From a couple of "old rockers".

Jack &  Betty Forfylow
Edmonton, Alberta

›››A very enjoyable experience at the McPhillps Street Station Casino. Brought back many pleasant memories. Keep up the great work.

Dale McEwen

›››Both my wife and I were in awe by Jay's voice, we enjoyed your show immensely. We are spreading the word for friends to attend when you come back.

John Klumper
Winnipeg, Canada

›››I saw your show at the Stranahan Theatre, Toledo-OH Saturday, Oct 18, It was great, "the new Jay" really  has a Good voice, I shook hands with him at the stage after the show..When are you coming to Michigan? Would you ever sing at Novi, Michigan - Expo Center for the 50's & 60's Festival (this is held every year in July) or Freedom Hill in Sterling Heights, Michigan...Very truly yours,

Connie Kroll
Novi, Michigan

›››Saw you in Toledo on October 18-08- You were the GREATEST- Love the show wish it would of been longer!!!!

Linda Piraino
Maumee, Ohio

›››I was a member of the audience on October 11, at the Star Plaza Theater and it was a real thrill to see Jay & the Americans. I tingled with every note sung and may I say you performance was phenomenal. It has taken me an entire week to settle down, (I am emotionally charged from your performance) I have been singing at my desk all week. Everyone I spoke to as we left the theater all wished the group would have been on stage longer and sang more.

Don Jeziorski
Greenfield, Wisconsin


Kenneth Corbeille
Lake Station, Indiana

›››My wife and I with friends were thrilled to see the group this past Saturday, August 23, 2008 at Westlake in Jackson, New Jersey. We thought we were going to another "oldies" concert.  How wrong we were.  You guys were sensational.  The music never sounded better with "Jay 3" the "old" Brooklyn boys did not sound too shabby either.  We had such an enjoyable evening.  The stories and history were real cool, i am glad that you guys were inducted to the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame and wish a couple of guys named Diamond and Sedaka will one day be enshrined alongside you.  Jay and The Americans, now and forever.

Richard Weitz
West Windsor, New Jersey

›››The show in Jackson NJ was FABULOUS I loved it.

Paramus, New Jersey

›››We just came home from your show in Westlake golf & country club.   you guys blew me away!  i felt as if no time had slipped away and i was listening to your wonderful group once again on the radio.   thanks so much for an outstanding and interesting show! 

Sharon Kahrar
Jackson, New Jersey

›››WOW...What a performance at Westlake last night. It was one of the best shows I have ever seen, better than Neil Diamond last week at Madison Square Garden//REALLY. Would love a CD of the songs you sang last night. My husband was away and missed your show. WE will be at the one at the Strand Theater in Lakewood for sure.

Lynn Zukowski
Jackson, New Jersey

›››My wife and I just saw you in Massillon, Ohio on 8/14/08 and you guys were great!!! We thought it was the best show we ever saw. Jay-3 has a great voice and we liked the history background about the group and music. Best of luck and keep singing. Thank you so much for that wonderful show!!

Dennis Ryan
Massillon, Ohio

›››Saw your show last night in Massillon Ohio at the outdoor concert. You were terrific. I remember you when I was a young teen ager and we always loved your music. People said our music would never last well they were wrong it was great then and just as great now.

Cheryl Rudy
Mogadore, Ohio

›››You took me back to my good old days. I enjoyed the concert very much thank you so very much .

Jon Roseman
Massillon, Ohio

›››Just returned home from the last concert for the summer in Massillon, Ohio.  It was great! Massillon, you saved the best for last! Felt like I was back in the 60's again.  It was an evening to remember "til the end of time".  Thanks for some wonderful memories

Massillon, Ohio

›››We just finished seeing the show in Massillon Ohio this evening,(8/14/08),It was an incredible performance. Much greater than I had expected. Super, fantastic, great, are just a few of terms I could use to describe the show. The 3rd Jay has a wonderful voice. Please don't stop performing. I may become a groupie, (at age 62) and follow you to Marion Ohio or Toledo Ohio. One of the best concerts I've seen this year. I’ve seen about 25 so far. This ranks right up there with Jersey Boys.

Ralph Gromelski
Seven Hills, Ohio

›››Saw the group on Thursday August 14th in Massillon Ohio. The concert was fantastic and the guys really seemed to be enjoying themselves. Loved the stories and the talk between the songs., it added to my knowledge of the groups from that era. By the way Jay 3 has a fantastic voice.

Bill Campbell
Navarre, Ohio

›››I just returned from downtown Massillon at your concert, it was wonderful.  Please come back!

Shirley Sudduth
Massillon, Ohio

›››TOTALLY AWESOME!!  Several of my friends and I attending your show last night in Bensenville, IL...we were absolutely thrilled!  Your show was outstanding.  You "boys" still sound wonderful and the USA Band are excellent musicians.  Jay #3 certainly is a keeper!  We're sure hoping that you return to our area often!  Thanks for the delightful evening of music and memories!

Karen Barnes
Waterman, Illinois

›››Just came home from Bensenville's Music in the Park concert-the show was fantastic!!!  I brought my daughter and granddaughter to see and hear one of my favorite groups. Thanks for making me feel young again! We hope to see you guys again real soon.

Joanna, Jennifer and Mandie
Overhill, Illinios

›››My friends and I saw you tonight at Bensenville's Music in the Park.  Your performance is by far the best I have seen there in the past 3 years.  The songs were wonderfully performed.  Thank you very much for a lovely evening. 

Pat Lighthiser
Northlake, Illinois

›››What a treat to see you perform live at Italian Fest in Milwaukee. I loved it so much we went to Northbrook for more. WOW! You guys rock. Please come back to the mid west so I can see you again.

Diane Istvanek
Kenosha Wisconsin

›››I saw u guys in concert today, in Sharon PA u were AWESOME!!!!!!

Tamara White
Sharon, Pennsylvania

›››Thank you for playing in Sharon, PA Saturday night.  I remember your albums when I was a teenager, but wasn't one who could afford concerts. 

My husband and I won tickets at the car show earlier in the day and I must say I will buy tickets to see you anytime you are near to hear you again.  I thought your show was excellent.  The mix of stories and music was outstanding.  What a history lesson!

Again, thank you.  The concert was great. 

Sharon, Pennsylvania

›››We attended your concert at the Hamburg Fair outside Buffalo, N.Y. Tuesday evening.  The music was tremendous and you sounded as you did in the 60's and 70's.  You were very audience oriented and played to the crowd. We loved the personal anecdotes you gave about your lives and careers.  Afterwards, you were so gracious for pictures, signatures and one on one talk.  You certainly took us back to our youth.  We would love for you to come back to the Buffalo area in the near future.  Thank you,

Kris & Larry Baron
West Seneca (Buffalo), New York

›››Just saw your concert in Louisville (8-1-08) and thought it was great!!  We saw you there last year as well and thoroughly enjoyed each minute.  Please come back and see us!!!  Thanks again for a wonderfully nostalgic evening!

Jon & Connie Whitaker
Depauw, Indiana

›››My husband and I just witnessed your performance at Freedom Hall-Louisville Kentucky - We are from Australia visiting - Wow, we were blown away. What a brilliant experience and thank you for the time you took to speak to us- Wonderful- truly wonderful. Loved your red shoes, Fabulous - a real buzz to our working vacation

Merril DeFiddes
NSW Australia

›››Loved your show last night in Northbrook,   Jay III, his voice, is unbelievable!!!!  You guys sounded awesome!!!   What an enjoyable evening.

Donna Culbertson
Round Lake Beach, Illinois

›››Thanks so much for making our visit to Northbrook (IL) Family Days a rare treat-- blast from the past (reminiscing hearing this music on WGN-Radio(Chicago) from my tiny under-the-pillow transistor radio on school nights in Texas! Just fabulous! All of you.  Much luck in your performances around the country and glad to know you're still around.

Northbrook, Illinois

›››Still FABULOUS at any age!!!  Last night, we were at your performance at the Northbrook Days Concert and I didn't want it to end.  Your songs brought back so many memories and we loved the behind the scene stories.  You guys still sound terrific....and Jay#3 certainly has a fabulous voice! Thanks for a wonderful evening.

Northbrook, Illinois

›››Caught the show at BB Kings in NYC.  I had not seen Jay and the Americans perform in maybe 35 plus years and it was a fabulous show. Regardless of any change in the personnel there was no difference at all in fact the performance was better than I ever recalled. Thanks for the great show.

Eileen Nesselt
Bronx, New York

›››Last nights concert at the Hamburg Fairgrounds was a night to remember. I couldn’t tell the difference between the old records and the way you all sound today. Incredibly GREAT !!!Thanks for the memories.

Rich Kaczmarek
Grand Island, New York

›››Attended your show at the Hamburg Fairgrounds. It was wonderful. You all looked and sounded great. Hope you come back to the Buffalo area again soon

Karen Bohannon
Cheektowaga, New York

›››Saw you last night at the Hamburg Fair Grounds and I WAS BLOWN AWAY!  The show was beyond fantastic and I wish you were performing again tonight, I'd leave work right now and go!  Thanks for coming to Buffalo, N.Y..... come back

Estrellita Perez
Buffalo, New York

›››Still FABULOUS at any age!!!  Last night, we were at your performance at the Hamburg Fairgrounds and I didn't want it to end.  Your songs brought back so many memories and we loved the behind the scene stories.  You guys still sound terrific....and Jay#3 certainly has job security.  Thanks for a wonderful evening. Sincerely,

Marlene & Dick
Derby, New York

›››I Just came home from your Hamburg Fairgrounds Concert. It absolutely blew me away. Jay (3) and the whole group, as well as the USA band, Just Awesome. What an amazing feat, preserving rock n' roll History...My Sincere thanks as a fan

Mark Krieger
Grand Island, New York

›››An amazing performance!!! Just saw you at the Hamburg Fairgrounds...WOW, you sure brought back a lot of great memories. Being a part of a 50's band myself, I can appreciate the hard work you guys put into your show. It was very entertaining and very enjoyable. I especially loved CARA for a great concert. I hope you return to the area soon.

Dan Casto
Lancaster, New York

›››The wife and I saw your show tonight in Hamburg, New York. In One word, outstanding, I can see why after all these years people show up to see a great performance like tonight. Thanks..

Don Lester
East Amherst, New York

›››We just got home from your concert tonight at the Hamburg Fairgrounds. Thank You so much for this fabulous stroll down memory lane. It brought back so many memories of days gone by and happy moments. We had a wonderful time and would love it if you come back to our area again! A Grateful Fan!

Shirley Misechok
West Seneca, New York

›››Just came from the concert at the Hamburg Fairgrounds.  The concert was great.  It was so good to hear all those old songs.  They don't make songs like that anymore!! Absolutely loved it.  Thanks

Liz Herr
Hamburg, New York

›››I am still dancing and singing since Saturday night.  We were so thrilled to see the REAL  Jay and the Americans perform. It was the best showmanship and music ever.  In addition to Sandy, Howie and of course Marty, Jay #3 stood out as the best Jay the group has seen. He has a charisma for which I cannot explain.  He sings to you  not at you.  I enjoyed myself and I hope to see the group again very shortly.  I hope they could come to ASSER LEVY park and re-introduce the world to one of the best Rock and Roll groups ever.  Its nice to see good clean family entertainment.  Close your eyes and you are back in the days of your wonderful childhood enjoying the basic staple of life, goods music and dancing.  I still have not come down from this high. It was too short.  Marty is a true talent.  I never knew Shrek and Marty had this wonderful relationship.   Thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me again to enjoy my favorite group.  Please stay in New York area.  Love your favorite fan.

Ellen Krasnoff
New York, New York

I went with my family to see you guys last night at BB Kings in New York and the show was great, we all had a good time.  I have to say it really brought back so many memories.  Thanks for sharing with us

RoseAnn Bucco
Little Ferry, New Jersey

›››I saw the show last night, in Yorktown Heights NY. July 27. i have been a fan since the 60s. i was there with a packed house of cheering fans, who like me and my girlfriend sandy enjoyed the show very much, it brought back memories of a great time, the sixties, the best time, for rock & roll. you guys still have that magic,#3 was excellent, and your stories brought it all back again. thanks again.

 John Strongi
from Greenwich Village

›››WOW what a BLAST we had at Festa Italiana in Milwaukee!  It was great to go back and re-live the Rock n Roll era of Jay and the Americans.  We loved the way you told your story through out the concert, especially the story when you were on The Tonight Show, and the way you introduced "This Magic Moment" for your encore,  it was PERFECT.  I didn't know that I could still dance like I did that night.  Thank you and come back to our area.   We wish you all the BEST to come.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

›››Went to Festa Italiana exclusively to see you on Saturday. Incredible show. I  had mentioned to my sister who joined me. The true test will be if he'll be able to sing "Cara Mia" ?  Which (Jay #3) did unquestionably fantastic. When you all sang "Some Enchanted Evening" it was flawless it was if I were hearing it back on the radio in '65.  Outstanding show, I enjoyed all the background to the hits, I knew about Neil Diamond, but not the Steely Dan connection.  Get "Reeling In The Years" . Is it obvious I was greatly impressed with the show!!!Thank You ...

Steve Semon
Greenfield, Wisconsin

›››Saw you last week at Fiesta Italiana in Milwaukee, WI.  Loved the Show.  It was outstanding and we really liked all the stories that went along with the songs. The talent is still there and we just really enjoyed going back in time and being young all over again.  Thanks for making our evening so enjoyable.

AL & Mary Thomas
Bolingbrook, Illinois

›››I saw you at Festa Italiana in Milwaukee.  Your show was great. I loved the stories you shared about the music business and the famous musicians you worked with.  You transported me back to the late 60's for your 1 hour show.  Fantastic.  Loved your version of Steely Dan's Reeling in the years.

Tom DiCicco
Schaumburg, Illinois

›››Couldn't wait to get home to play the CD I just purchased after hearing Jay and the Americans in concert at Festa Italiana in Milwaukee, WI last night (7/20/08).  We had a 2nd row front seat.  The show was wonderful, especially Cara Mia sung by Jay III!  The encore with Jay III singing it again was fantastic.  We all were giving a standing ovation and I noticed how excited they were on stage giving high fives!  I thought the group was so nice afterward staying to meet with the fans and posed for pictures, one of which my son took with me and the band to remember.  Great job and I hope to see you in Milwaukee again

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

›››Great show at festa italiana in Milwaukee. you made me feel 16 years old again!!!

Karl Worth
Stevens Point, Wisconsin

›››We went to festa italiana in Milwaukee.  what a wonderful evening we spent listening to Jay and the Americans.  thank you for all the wonderful memories

Toni Dilo
Ingleside, Illinois

›››I saw the show this past Sunday, here in Milwaukee. The new Jay, was awesome. He had such great control with his vocals. You picked the right guy. As for The Americans, you guys sounded great which really took me by surprise. It was a great show and I felt honored to finally see you guys. I think Neil Diamond, should at least send you an e-mail.(lol)

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

›››My wife and I attended your show at Festa Italiana in Milwaukee and it was FABULOUS! (and that was an understatement!) We were part of the several standing ovations and you folks, being the great showmen you are responded with more music.  Jay #3 sounds just like the original recordings and that is a compliment!

Richard Hanson
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

›››Saw your Sunday night show at Festa Italiana in Milwaukee.  You guys sounded GREAT.  Thanks for the fun and entertainment!

Tomm Archie
Greendale, Wisconsin

›››Saw ,you perform at the Italian fest in Milwaukee on July 19, Thank-you for  taking me back on a fantastic music ride

Deborah Ewanio
Schaumburg, Illinois

›››Unbelievable! Saw you guys last night at Italian fest in Milwaukee, WI. You blew me away! Kudos to Jay 3!! What a voice! And from Chicago, like us. Cara Mia at its all time best, I still have goose bumps. It was my pleasure to be in the audience and finally see you guys in person performing the greatest songs of our generation. I was with friends and my 25 year old son who had a great time and enjoyed your show. We are proud of each and everyone of you. Fantastic show, we hope to see you soon in our area. Keep rockin!

Dale Federico
Berwyn, Illinois

›››Saw you tonight at Festa Italiana in Milwaukee...great show...great songs. Thanks for a fantastic show.

Richard Gagliano
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

›››Saw the show in Lake Zurich last night and it was fabulous. Looking forward to seeing you again when you return to the Chicago area.

Al Kamradt
Cary, Illinois


Abingdon Maryland

›››I never remember enjoying a concert as much as I did in Annapolis on June 28th.  You were awesome!  Please come back to Maryland and thank you again for taking us "back in the day" when we had real music.

Lynne Bishop
Mechanicsville, Maryland

›››We saw your performance last weekend at the Ram's Head, Annapolis and have to tell you all "What a fantastic performance".  We saw you in Pittsburg, PA last December as well and wish you were going to be there again December 12 at the Doo Wop Reunion.  Thank you so much for your excellent music and performance.  We love you all and look forward to seeing you again.

Liz Archer
Widmann / Hollywood, Maryland

›››Great Show at the Rams Head in Annapolis Md also saw the 2007 show both shows were great, and purchased tickets for my parent to see your show in Las Vegas at the Sun Coast this past January 2008 they also loved the show , hope to see you next year at the Rams Head Annapolis.

Cindy Cialkowski
Annapolis, MD

›››I saw Jay and the Americans at the Rams Head in Annapolis this past Saturday.  Cara Mia just totally blew me away!!  That one song alone was worth the price of the ticket.  I would have paid another $39 just to hear that song again. Fantastic!!!!!  I have goose bumps just thinking about Jay3’s performance.  I’m so hooked once again, what can I say.  

Please thank them for me for a truly unforgettable evening!

Columbia, Maryland

›››Saw you in Annapolis, the best darn show!! Loved it and can't wait to see you again.  Rock on!

Annette Hanopole
Annapolis, Maryland

›››I convinced 3 of my friends to go with me to your show at the Ram's Head in Annapolis, MD.  You blew the roof off!  Marty, Howie and Sandy were as great as always, and Jay #3 is now Jay #1 as far as we're concerned.  You are true entertainers and performers, as well as outstanding vocalists.  Loved the stories, the history--but especially the songs.  Fabulous show, had us singing in the car all the way home

Marge Kumaki
Silver Spring, Maryland

›››Just got back from Ram's Head in Annapolis and had to write a comment.  I learned to play the guitar in the Air Force from 1960 to 1964.  The first song I played was "She Cried".  I wooed my date with that song in 1963 and we married the following year.  Needless to say, we are still happily married and I still sang along with every word.  One of the best shows I've ever seen and looking forward to see you again when you hit this area.

Irv Hamet
Baltimore, Maryland

›››Saw you at Rams Head in Annapolis in 2007 and 2008 and just adored both performances.  Please come back in 2009!

Daryl Kaufman
Olney, Maryland


Bill Lutz
West Islip, New York

›››Thank you x 1,000,000+ for a great concert last evening in Bayshore. The only complaint being that the time went too fast. Every song was fabulous. What talent!!!!! I'm already thinking about the next one. Thank you again and welcome back. You're the BEST.

Terry Hartmann
Cutchogue, New York

›››Thanks for the Stearns Square concert in Springfield, MA.  It was goose bump city where I was!

Eric Sutter
Springfield, Massachusetts

››› Welcome back, Jay and the Americans! Boy, did you guys rock!  What a great way to start my summer.  And, Jay #3, your  #1 Jay now with that voice!  Standing ovation from us all! Howie, Sandy, and Marty, good to see you're back in town, and Jay, well, welcome to the 'hood.  Umm, I mean 'neighborhood'.   I couldn't stay to meet you, but as you can see, headed for your web site at home.  Love your new song, Little Senorita---my orders in!  Best of luck to all of you, both professionally and personally.

Richmond Hill, New York

››› We saw your show in Forest Park and were blown away. You guys are great. Jay #3 is terrific. When he sang Cara Mia I got goose bumps. Thank you for a wonderful evening I will never forget.

Woodhaven, New York

››› Just came in from your performance at the Forest Park Band shell in Woodhaven, NY. You were absolutely fantastic. The weather was great, the sound was outstanding and the entire show was such a delight. I enjoyed every single note that was sung. I applaud Jay and The Americans. Thank You xoxoxoxoxo

Woodhaven, New York


Pittsford, New York

››› Saw the show at the Lilac Festival in Rochester, NY  5/15.   Wonderful, worth sitting in the rain.   Jay #3 has a knockout voice.  Thanks for the memories.

-Diane  Marcus
West Henrietta, New York

››› Saw you last night at the Lilac Festival in Rochester, NY.... you guys were great!! Hope you release a CD with all the songs you performed! The only song that was missing was The Sun Aint Gonna Shine, wish I could have heard that one too. Jay #3 was perfect!

-Dan Kavanagh
LeRoy, New York

››› Just got home from the Rochester NY concert. Fantastic... I am so glad to have heard the group back together and playing great songs. Awesome. Jay #3 is super too. Glad to hear the group pay tribute to all the Jays...Keep it up and hope to go to another one of your gigs. Your website bios are very informative. Thanks again.

-David Johnston
Fairport, New York

››› I just recently saw for the very first time the show at the Monsignor Farrell High School on April 19th. I have to say I thought that the show was fantastic. I hope to see them really soon at a future show.

-Holly  Vassaliko
Floral Park, New York

››› Saw you guys in SI last night, you were great, you rock!!  Thanks

Staten Island, New York

››› I have been to many live performances but the one y'all gave last Saturday @ the Newberry Opera House tops them all. I was seated center stage row two and couldn't have imagined how it could have been any better. Y'all did a fantastic job! Jay #3 and the original Americans took me back to the 60's. The vocal harmonies were just magic and the USA Band didn't miss a lick. Thanks for giving us a night to remember and please consider another booking in the Opera House. Wow, just Wow!

-Jim Ridge
Pomaria, South Carolina

››› I am just overwhelmed by the show in Newberry. I was and I remain one of your greatest fans. Last night took me back to a time when I was just a kid stealing every possible second to listen to Jay and the Americans. You all look great!

-Linda Truesdale
Camden, South Carolina


-Don Whitehead
Blythewood, South Carolina

››› Wow! Wonderful show tonight in Newberry SC. It was great getting to meet you guys in person and shake your hands. Hope you come to Newberry again! I'll be sitting in that front row again.

-Marty Zeller
McCormack, South Carolina

››› Yes, just returned from your show at Newberry opera house, the best performance we have seen there is its existence, hope you guys tour here next year, thanks for the great evening

-Alan and Dianne Hunnicutt
Newberry, South Carolina

››› My husband and I just returned home from your concert in Newberry, SC. We had a great time! We sat on the second row, which helped us to appreciate your individual nuances and personalities. My husband summed it all up very well with, "Those guys are a class act." The music, the venue, the stories, and the talent ... what a dynamic show! Keep the good times rolling!!!

-Katie Bradley
Greenwood, South Carolina

››› ...the concert was amazing. Thanks very much for one of the best concerts I have seen.

-Steve Preston
Albany, Georgia

››› Just got back from Clear Lake after seeing you guys perform and it was outstanding. Anyone who has not seen you perform live does not know what they are missing. It was also great fun visiting with all of you and I hope we can get you some booking here in Northwest Iowa. I will keep trying from my end. Take care and keep the music going.

-Tom Golden
Spencer, Iowa

››› Our friends and I attended another "50's in Febraury" weekend in Clear Lake. Your performance was the one I enjoyed out of all the acts! After hearing you guys and your amazing band, I knew the weekend was going to be the best yet! Thank you, thank you, thank you for continuing to make such wonderful music. Like fine wine, you guys are getting better as you (I should say "we") age! God bless you all.

-Julie and John McConaughey
La Crosse, Wisconsin

››› You made Clear Lake, Iowa Rock, at the Surf and the Brits Luncheon. Hope to see you again in Iowa.

Clear Lake, Iowa

››› You guys were AWESOME at the Surf. I'd never seen you live, but I was blown away. It was also great to hang out with you guys. I've got lots of great memories! :)

-Lindsey Chesen
Chicago, Illinois

››› Jay & the Americans :Just as I thought the night could not get much better Jay & the Americans took the stage and totally Wowed the entire surf it was like a sea of people singing dancing remembering the past as if was only yesterday.... Not only were they outstanding vocally but they took time to mingle with the people . They are truly entertainers!!!! They are wonderful and the people I talked to were just as impressed with them as I was.

-Julie Mullenbach
Austin, Minnesota

››› I flew out to Vegas just to see the NEW Jay and the Americans. It was worth every penny. The show was Fantastic. The guys are enjoying themselves on stage like kids and old friends do. BUT the best is the NEW JAY - WOW! Can he ever sing! I'm not old enough to have enjoyed them the first time around but I am so glad that I was able to see them this time. I'm looking forward to seeing them again and again in the future. It truly was A MAGIC MOMENT, that can ONLY happen IN AMERICA.

-Charise McCarthy
Chicago, Illinois

››› Thanks for a terrific show in Las Vegas. Loved the rock'n'roll history and loved your new Jay. Hope to get to see you again soon!

-Felice Solana
Beach, California

››› My wife and I went To Vegas this past week-end and saw one incredible show. I found out the day before that Jay Black was not the Jay in the band anymore. I was disappointed when I heard that but had already bought the tickets and the plane fare plus we loved the music you song in the 60's so we went. Needless to say it was one of the best "oldies" shows we have been to. We have been to over 100 in the past 20 years. "Jay Three" was fantastic as were the rest of you originals. Thanks for the memories we loved the show.

-Mike and Marilyn Ipsen
San Carlos, California

››› My wife and I caught the show tonight 1/13/08 at the Suncoast Hotel/Casino in Las Vegas. The group packed the house 3 straight nights..we had a ball....can't wait until they return to Las Vegas in May.....Viva Jay and the Americans...

-Henry Poreda
Las Vegas, Nevada

››› We saw the show last night at the Suncoast and were blown away. We will see you every time you are back in town.

-Lynn Forkos
Las Vegas, Nevada

››› Hi to Jay and his Americans. Had a great time at the Mellon Arena Dec.07. Was a great thrill meeting all of you at the meet and greet before the show. Jay #3 was outstanding. Can't wait to see you all again the next time you are in the area. Thanks again!

-Lew and Marciene Hosler
Brownsville, Pennsylvania

››› Saw you guys at the oldies show in Pittsburgh. Couldn't believe how J.R. has nailed the original sound. You guys were head and shoulders above the other performers at the Mellon Arena show. Cara Mia wow!

-Jack Issi
Belle Vernon, Pennsylvania

››› Just saw you guys in Pittsburgh last night. You were fantastic. Hope you come back next year for the annual Christmas concert. Glad you're keeping the music alive.

-Steve Sisul
Washington, Pennsylvania

››› My husband bought me tickets to the 2007 Holiday Doo Wop concert at the Mellon Arena on December 7, 2007 and you were absolutely fabulous and I really enjoyed listening to your group

-Sandra Maxwell
Verona, Pennsylvania

››› I absolutely loved you guys at Feather Falls Casino on 1 Dec 07 in Oroville CA. You guys put on such a very entertaining show and so nostalgic. I can't wait to see you guys again in Las Vegas NV in May 08, when you will play again with Badfinger. Rick and I will be there to see you along with Brother Billy Davis from Badfinger. It is going to be a blast. Thanks again for a fantastic show.

-Rosalind and Rick Davis
Sacramento, California

››› Your show at Feather Falls Casino in Oroville, CA was the best!

-Thomas French
Glenn, California

››› Saw your show with Badfinger at the Feather Falls Casino 12-1-2007. Justed wanted to thank you for reminding me what it was like to be a kid again. You also scored a new fan, my husband. He had never heard of you, but knew your songs. Awesome to have you guys together again. Jay, Cara Mia and your Roy Orbison songs could not be any better. Loved the show.

-Corrine Davis
Rancho Cordova, California


-Cindy Cialkowski
Annapolis, Maryland

››› My husband Dave and I saw your show in Nice, CA at Robinson's Rancheria. First let me say it was an honor to 'share' the third floor with you :) but it was just a blast to watch you all preform on stage. You all are what American icons should be, talented, personable, and classy. Newer 'stars' in music should take the example that you bring to the art. My husband is still kicking himself, as he has nearly every single that Jay and the Americans released via radio station, as he was a 'disc jockey' in his youth, but he was thrilled to talk with all of you and get his signed CD. Blessings to all of you for reminding us all how much music shaped us in our youth, and makes us still feel youthful.

-Tracian Gibson
Lower Lake, California

››› We saw your show Friday night in Lakewood, New Jersey. Thank you for giving us such an enjoyable evening! It was wonderful to listen to the hits we so enjoyed when we were teenagers in the 1960's! Your request at the end of the concert, to keep the music alive by sharing it with our children, is something we have taken to heart. Have you thought of recording anything new as a group? Given your harmonies and Jay III's terrific voice, rock and roll and doo-wop might benefit from some fresh material! Please give it a thought.

-Richard Zalman and Family
Parlin, New Jersey


Lakewood, New Jersey

››› We were at the show on Friday night at the Kent Stage. Fantastic, wonderful evening of songs and stories. We agree with other posts, hope you guys come back to NE Ohio again, we've been telling friends what a great show they missed.

-Bill & Betty Sepe
Hudson, Ohio

››› I saw the show at the Kent State Theater, Oct 5 2007 and it was fantastic. One of the best shows I have seen this year. I couldn't stay in my seat I had to get up and dance. Howie the chick magnet was great. Thanks guys for a fun evening and some wonderful memories!

-Denise Laird
Akron, Ohio

››› We saw your show in Kent, Ohio Friday night and it was fabulous!!!!!! Jay #3 was great, all of you guys were. Your band was really good too. Hope you come back to our area soon.

-Carol Gostlin
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

››› I saw the group at Sellersville 2 nights ago. They were great. Jay three is terrific!

-Michael Puhak
Sellersville, Pennsylvania

››› My husband and I saw you last night in Sellersville, Pa. I was sitting at one of the front tables. You guys were awesome! Oh, and geez, I must of had a brain freeze that I couldn't answer your trivia question about the two songs that each have the same 5 word phrase. Since they are my two favorite songs! Old age setting in I guess!

-Elaine Steskal
Coopersburg, Pennsylvania

››› Saw J&A last night in Springfield, Ma. before 5,000+ at an outdoor concert. Having been a fan of Jay #2 I never thought Jay#3 could come close vocally. Boy-was I wrong! He has an incredible voice and of course the original Americans sounded great as well. Their harmonies are the best. I don't know if they read these comments but I was the one who brought the Live at the Cafe Wha album cover which they so kindly signed. Met them all before the show and they are a great bunch of guys. I hope that they can perform some of their other songs like Living Above Your Head, You Ain't As Hip, What's The Use and so many more GREAT album cuts. It was a special night and can't wait to see them again soon. You should book the Cabaret Room at the Mohegan Sun in Connecticut if you can. Good Luck !!

-Art Rickless
Long Meadow, Massachusetts

››› Wonderful concert in Springfield MA 9/20/07. I was amazed to hear that the new Jay sounds so much like and better than Jay #2. I am a big fan of Jay #1 also, having seen him in VT in 2004 and 2005. You guys are all awesome!

-Peter Sullivan
Northampton, Massachusetts

››› We attended your performance in Calgary on Sept 15 and had a fabulous evening. It was fun to sing along to the songs we danced to in our teens. Jay #3 has a fabulous voice (and personality!)...he sings Cara Mia better than the previous Jay! We hope to see you all again sometime!

-Georgia Lee
Calgary, Alberta

››› What a walk down memory lane. I can still remember sitting in the audience in front of the grandstand at the Regina Exhibition over 40 years ago listening to your great vocals. Nothing has changed. It all came back on Fri Sept 14th at Casino Regina. Jay # 3 fits the group like a glove. Keep up the good work.

-Bill Massier
Yorkton, Canada

››› An outstanding concert. Without doubt the best vocal performance of any top name band now or past. Thanks for treating us to your music.

-Mike Bertrand
Winnipeg, Manitoba

››› A buddy and I saw J and A's at the Music Pier in Ocean City, NJ. We've both always enjoyed them and what a great show they put on! The new J is fantastic and probably sings all the songs better than J#2 could now. Great songs, great performance, great show, we had a blast!

Ocean City, New Jersey

››› Saw your show Friday night at in Norwalk Ct. My ribs are so sore from my girlfriend elbowing me to stop singing along with every song! I've been sing your tunes all weekend long. What a great show!!

-Jim Fransen
Shelton, Connecticut

››› Saw the group in Ocean City, NJ this past weekend and they were great. In fact they were awesome and received many standing ovations. they are back and better than ever. Can't wait to see them again. Still have their album autographed from 1966.

-Al Makowski
Cinnaminson, New Jersey

››› Saw the new Jay-and the Americans last night at the Ocean City Music Pier and just like all the other comments I just read-they were fantastic. Had such a great evening (front row seats) lucky me. Can't wait to see them again.

-Diane Perrin
Seaville, New Jersey

››› OMG! I saw your show on Sept 8 in Ocean City, NJ...all I can say is OMG! You guys are wonderful, I can't wait to see you all again. Thanks for bringing back all those great memories.

-Jackie Dundon
Earlville, Pennsylvania

››› My husband and I were thrilled at your performance last night on the Ocean City Music Pier. Jay III had big shoes to fill and came through big time!!

-Geri Davis
Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey

››› I saw you perform yesterday in ocean city nj and i thought your performance was outstanding. i'd love to see you perform again the next time you are in the area.

-Ronald Felder
Sewell, New Jersey

››› We recently saw the group at Foxwoods. What a great show. The new Jay is great, wonderful voice. The Americans were great also. What a great night!!

-Annette Gambucci
Waterbury, Connecticut

››› My husband and I sat front row in Foxwoods on 6/26 and were transported back in time. I couldn't stop singing, smiling and dancing in my seat. You were wonderful!! Best of all, you sang my all time favorite...'Walking in the Rain'!!!

-Pam Pasake
Stanhope, New Jersey

››› My wife and I saw you guys at Foxwoods on the 25th of June, and we think you guys were great. I bought a CD picture and Tee Shirt. I Hope to see you guys again. We loved your songs.

-Dennis Bushelon
Massapequa, New York

››› What an amazing turn of events. It's great to see you guy's out and about. I'm still playing some of Marty's great songs. And seeing you at this point in our lives is great because, I remember when from the JATA days. Good luck.

-Mark Stevens
Cherry Hill, New Jersey

››› I was at the performance of Jay and The Americans last Saturday night at The Fairfield Theatre Company in Fairfield Connecticut, I just wanted to let you know what a fantastic show we saw!!!!Jay R is terrific, His voice is the BEST yet. Jay R has a gifted and very warm approach with the audience that sets a most pleasing tone to the whole show. Sandy, Howie and Marty put forth one terrific performance and their many, many "inside stories" of the old days were just GREAT!! We wish you and the "new" Jay and the rest of the boys all the best we will be attending additional shows soon. We bought one of the CDs and I haven't stopped listening to "Cara Mia" in my car for the last 3 days...Jay R does it very very well.

Regards to all,
Jack Flaherty

››› Saw Jay And The Americans last night in Ct. and all I can say is, WOW!!!
They put on a great show and Jay Reincke was spectacular, hitting all the notes and had a great on-stage charisma. The guys looked and sounded great and performed everything from all their hits to favorites and influences. The audience loved every part of the long 2 hour show, and gave them numerous standing ovations. Can't wait to see them again

New York

››› WOW!! I love Jay and the Americans and I have to say that although I miss the other Jay for sentimental reasons this one sounds as good as the first one. I’m one of those types who reads liner notes and I love all of the other Americans especially on Capture the Moment and my favorite song Living above Your Head those should have been much bigger hits. Long live Jay and the Americans!!

-Colleen Settles
Frederick, Maryland

››› Seen the show at the Surf Ballroom in Clear Lake,Fantastic We have been going to the Buddy Holly Tribute for over 10 years,this may have been the best performance we have ever seen. Let me know if you guys ever get back to Iowa

-Don Olson
Story City, Iowa

››› I grew up in the East coast truly enjoying the music of Jay and the Americans. I saw Jay Black at the Broward Center,Fl. for his 65th Birthday show. I was so disappointed in the quality of his show. The beautiful voice I had heard through the years was not the same on stage that night. I also flew out to Clear Lake to hear Jay and the Americans. What a show! The new Jay with the Americans were outstanding

-Lynn from
Farmington, Connecticut

››› WOW! WHAT A VOICE! I can't wait to see the new Jay (Jay #3) again. He is O U T S T A N D I N G!!! I enjoyed the show in Clear Lake, Iowa tremendously. I hope they will be on tour in my area soon so that I can bring all my friends If you have not heard the new Jay - don't walk, RUN to his next performance.


››› WOW--the new Jay and the Americans are AWESOME. I saw them at the Surf Ballroom in Iowa last Friday. What a voice! Jay #3 is the best Jay. We cant wait to see them again singing all the songs that we love. They signed autographs for hours and were very nice. Glad they're back!

Cheryl, AOL

››› Jay and the Americans are back and better than ever. Great performance at Clear Lake, Iowa.
Cara Mia was the best ever. The new Jay is fantastic.

Howard, AOL

››› Jay and the Americans are the best ever. This new Jay is better then the original. His voice is just outstanding and his Cara Mia in unbelievable. Great job in Iowa, cant wait to see them again!!!!

Naperville, Illinois

››› Saw the new version of Jay and the Americans in Iowa. The new Jay is incredible. I couldnt believe how good his voice is much better then the original.I am going to see the band as often as possible."Cara Mia" outstanding even the original Jay could not sing that song as great as this new Jay does it!!!!!!

Naperville, Ilinois

››› My husband and I saw the new Jay and the Americans band in Iowa. They sounded incredible, there voices were outstanding. It sounded just like the original songs. I can't wait to see them again in the near future. I had chills when Jay #3 sang Cara Mia.

Palos Park, Illinois

››› I saw Jay and the Americans in Iowa with that new guy, Johnny Star. He is by far the best Jay ever! I have been following the old group for years, and with this new Jay, they are way better than before.

New York, New York

››› I saw the New Jay and The Americans in Iowa this past weekend at the Surf Ballroom. They were absolutely fantastic. The new Jay is amazing. I closed my eyes and it brought me back to the good old days. The original Americans were better than ever. I did not realize how much the Americans brought to the show. It has been a long time since they were with Jay Black. This new reincarnation is the REAL DEAL.

Long time fan
from New York, New York

››› I saw you guys in Clear Lake...FANTASTIC! I can't WAIT to see you perform again...and again...and again! CONGRATULATIONS to the new Jay and to The Americans for getting back's LONG overdue!

Terry and Maryann
Marion, Iowa

››› Great to have you guys back in action. I grew up on your music. been a fan for a long time, new Jay is awesome. Looking forward to seeing you in Chicago

Ellie Eddy
Elgin, Ill


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